I was a huge fan of Nigeria growing up. I remember blasting off friends who courted the idea of leaving this country for greener pastures way before we fully understood the existence of words like patrotism, pan-Africanism, and even japa.

I was a big fan of the green-white-green.

... then…

Reminiscing over the past and the endless possibilities of the future are some of the things the average human enjoys doing. It’s an easy escape from the struggles of the present, a simple transaction with fate, and, in some cases, a means of keeping hope alive for a better tomorrow.

I was in a mini-bus going to Cele from Yaba and was seated at the front row. Because of my special positioning, I became the unofficial conductor transferring monies and change between the other passengers and the driver.

One lady, obviously a college student from the way she looked, addressed…

There’s Nothing Free, Even In Freetown

A popular phrase from my childhood came back to haunt me and other children of the Most High, gathered in His Holy Temple.

“There’s nothing free even in free town.”

A priest said this at an award ceremony that took place in a small-town…

Arinze Talius Dike

Storytelling | Marketing | Movies | Preaching the gospel of what's in my head for whoever cares to listen.

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