If I got a dollar for every time I’ve been complimented for my voice and why I “should become a radio presenter,” I’d probably be a billionaire in US Dollars already.

Sadly, I’m not a billionaire. Not even close to being called a millionaire. The kind of people always furnishing my ego with these compliments are far too unkind to furnish my aza as well, but I leave them to God because it’s not them I’ve come to drag today.

I actually haven’t come to drag anyone.

I come bearing praises and to share stick-sweets to some amazing talents, whose…

The bright side

When 2020 started, like every other year before it, it did so with lots of fanfare, merriments, new year resolutions, and hope for a better life, country and world. We all know how that turned out. But while some people may best regard 2020 as a severe sh*tshow, we look back at it with a certain kind of fondness for the experience and many life lessons it afforded us. And also for the many long-existing but now so frequently used words it brought to our collective vocabularies.

Nothing is ever entirely bad and, although it may not seem that way…

Reminiscing over the past and the endless possibilities of the future are some of the things the average human enjoys doing. It’s an easy escape from the struggles of the present, a simple transaction with fate, and, in some cases, a means of keeping hope alive for a better tomorrow.

Today’s one of such days for me…

I’m thinking about the many “what ifs” and “maybes” turn my life could’ve taken if things were a tad different.

What if… maybe?

What if I'd died at birth?

Maybe then I’d have already done something remarkable with my life — the ability to make people cry at the sight of my…

Thursday nights won’t be the same without Shondaland’s How to Get Away with Murder to keep us company anymore, that’s for sure. It’s weird, but the show is finally over. And with it, all the mysteries, tension-driven Annalise courtroom dramas, and pleasant moments of listening to Tegan pronounce the villainous Castillo surname as Cas-TEE-yoes.

After six seasons, multiple deaths, mindboggling questions, and measurably satisfying answers, there’s almost no doubt the show has done well for itself. Watching the electrifying series finale, we can also agree it served its characters well and gave them different doses of poetic justice.

But the…

Did you know that AIBOHPHOBIA, a word used to describe the fear of palindromes, is itself a palindrome?

Yes, it really is. And, just in case you were wondering, it’s an actual phobia. But that's the thing with phobias, sometimes they can come across as weird; but, most times, they’re easier to understand and empathize with, like in the case of ACROPHOBIA - the fear of heights.

There are a few known phobias associated with books and I’ve put together a list of eight (8) of them. Without further ado, let’s get into them.

  • BIBLIOPHOBIA - The fear or strong…

You’ve finally taken numerous advice and written something down. Now, you have your complete body of work, but it’s time to edit and you’re feeling all jittery. Don’t be afraid, even long-time writers feel this way, it’s perfectly normal and is one of the burdens of having this godlike power to will things into existence. Here are five things to do that’ll help spice-up your writing.

Write first, edit later:

We’ll never get tired of saying this, it’s one of the commonest mistakes new writers make. …

As a creative, your routine probably already includes a lot of distancing from the general public for you to really get into your element and birth art. This means the major difference for you, now, is that staying at home is not fully your choice. And you don’t like being told what to do.

Here are 4 easy-to-follow tips to help you keep it together and continue working on that future bestseller the post-Covid-19 world can’t wait to read.

1. Stay Away From Fake News:

There are people who enjoy causing chaos and they thrive in times like this because there’s an eager audience waiting to…

I was in a mini-bus going to Cele from Yaba and was seated at the front row. Because of my special positioning, I became the unofficial conductor transferring monies and change between the other passengers and the driver.

One lady, obviously a college student from the way she looked, addressed me from the back seat: "please, tell the driver to give me my change."

I remember wondering who the fuck she thought she was to send me on a wild goose chase with a Lagos driver, was she new to this town? I simply told her, with a cold face…

There’s Nothing Free, Even In Freetown

A popular phrase from my childhood came back to haunt me and other children of the Most High, gathered in His Holy Temple.

“There’s nothing free even in free town.”

A priest said this at an award ceremony that took place in a small-town church I happened to be visiting. His sermon was directed towards certain awardees who didn’t drop ‘cash’ before receiving their plaques; a condition his ensuing words revealed they’d all agreed to, earlier.

His words got me thinking…

It’s a cold world out there, even the church is doubling its hustle…

In my country, tragedies are intervals to remind us how much time have passed since we don't ever talk about such stuff after they're done trending.

I believe ‘happy anniversary' is in order for us.


On the bright side, these ones won't need to keep pretending that all is well around here even though deep down we all know it isn't. BuBu is the least of their worries because now they all answer to a higher authority, and I hope He/She treats them kinder than all the bosses around here do.

Dear fallen comrades,

Keep the place warm for us till we get there, almost as much as we promise to never forget you as a nation and how you died due to the callousness and ineptitude of said bosses.

Warm regards,
Your ex-mate on this side of hell.

Arinze Talius Dike

STORYTELLER! in search of an additional weird hobby || Unorthodox sympathizer / Film Lover / iRead, iWrite, iSummarize, and iPlay too ||

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