Creativity: Five Things That’ll Spice-up Your Writing

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You’ve finally taken numerous advice and written something down. Now, you have your complete body of work, but it’s time to edit and you’re feeling all jittery. Don’t be afraid, even long-time writers feel this way, it’s perfectly normal and is one of the burdens of having this godlike power to will things into existence. Here are five things to do that’ll help spice-up your writing.

We’ll never get tired of saying this, it’s one of the commonest mistakes new writers make. Fight the impulse to edit as you write, it’ll make you go faster and (probably) have a better piece.

Reading is one of the best ways to learn to write. Read across different genres and easily pick up new writing styles and vocabulary.

Time is precious. Avoid adding unnecessary words to sentences just to make them longer. Go straight to the point and when you have to include a preamble, make certain it adds to the plot of your point.

One easy way to spot amateur writers is by the way they abuse adverbs, especially the “-ly” kind. Why say “My dog is amazingly strong” when you can say “My dog is strong”?

There’s a popular saying that rules are meant to be broken. So, if you know the rules of writing, break them with style. This should add amazing colors to your writing.

Play around with stuff like palindromes and anagrams, they can help to spice things up even further.

We hope these tips help to spice up your writing. Bestseller isn’t a title reserved for a select few, you, too, can be a bestseller. We can’t wait to help you achieve your writing goals to the best of our abilities.

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