Pray For Onitsha Again, 2019 Edition

In my country, tragedies are intervals to remind us how much time have passed since we don't ever talk about such stuff after they're done trending.

I believe ‘happy anniversary' is in order for us.


On the bright side, these ones won't need to keep pretending that all is well around here even though deep down we all know it isn't. BuBu is the least of their worries because now they all answer to a higher authority, and I hope He/She treats them kinder than all the bosses around here do.

Dear fallen comrades,

Keep the place warm for us till we get there, almost as much as we promise to never forget you as a nation and how you died due to the callousness and ineptitude of said bosses.

Warm regards,
Your ex-mate on this side of hell.

STORYTELLER! in search of an additional weird hobby || Unorthodox sympathizer / Film Lover / iRead, iWrite, iSummarize, and iPlay too ||

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