There’s Nothing Free, Even In Freetown

A popular phrase from my childhood came back to haunt me and other children of the Most High, gathered in His Holy Temple.

“There’s nothing free even in free town.”

A priest said this at an award ceremony that took place in a small-town church I happened to be visiting. His sermon was directed towards certain awardees who didn’t drop ‘cash’ before receiving their plaques; a condition his ensuing words revealed they’d all agreed to, earlier.

His words got me thinking…

It’s a cold world out there, even the church is doubling its hustle to meet ends meet. I get that. But it comes across as irresponsible when the church positions itself as an agent of money instead of saving lives (and souls) which should be its primary mission.

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In as much as I admire that priest’s candor, I condemn his poor choice of words. Certain lyrics shouldn’t be seen falling from the lips of the church no matter how desperate the times have become. It’s only a pity that the abundance of the heart from which these words flow can’t easily be regulated by external influence, except the party is willing to change.

So, dear priest with loudmouths in these desperate times, I implore you to control what your heart consumes, maybe then we can hear less-filthier words within the gathering of brethrens, just like you taught us.

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